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Trolley Graveyard Tour and Photo Workshop

Posted: 19th January 2014

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Location: In PA, roughly 2 hrs west from Harriburg, 2 hours east of Pittsburgh

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The Site: Situated on a little over two acres, there are dozens of trolleys and train cars from PA, MA, KS, and more in various states of decomposition to photograph including some very old specimens. Participants will also have access to an otherwise locked storage area with very well preserved relics including a car from 1912.

The Tour: The tour of the trolley graveyard is geared more towards people who just want to see the site versus serious photographers - in the two hours on the property you will meet the owner and hear his story of where the cars come from and how his collection began, and take a walk back through tracks to see the decayed and overgrown cars firsthand. If you've been waiting to see the site but aren't as interested in the photography workshop aspect, this is a perfect and legal opportunity put on with the owner's guidance and consent. If you're interested in smaller groups, more photo instruction, and greater freedom to pursue your photography, consider signing up for the workshop, which includes the tour.

The Workshop: During the workshop I will be on hand to help you get better shots - including a basic introduction to infrared photography (this is a perfect environment for it!) and 360 degree panoramas if you'd like to learn them. I know some of you are just taking the tour to see the location, and if that's the case I'll stay out of your way and let you do your thing. Learning to use a tripod, what file format to shoot in, how to compose shots better, what ISO, F-Stop, and shutter speed affect, and how to do things like exposure bracketing are very important to your results. As a trained architectural photographer I am able to help you get not just beautiful but technically correct images that you'll be amazed by. Don't feel afraid to ask me even questions that may seem silly to you. I want you to leave with pictures you're proud of. I've been doing this for a while and want you to learn from my mistakes and successes. If you are more interested in seeing the property than professionally photographing it, the tour might be a good alternative.

Rules/Safety: You need to be very aware of your safety. I encourage you to always pay attention to your surroundings. It is easy to twist an ankle or trip in some areas, and there are many, many ticks lurking in the underbrush so we recommend pants, boots, a long sleeved shirt, and bug spray. You will be asked to sign a waiver before you enter acknowledging that you are entering a potentially unsafe environment and that you will not hold me or the property owners liable for any harm that may befall you or your equipment. Obviously the first priority on the trip, even before taking great pictures, is making sure that you are safe - but you will need to be the one looking out for that.

What to bring:
- A bottle of water
- Sturdy boots that protect your feet
- Your tripod
- A fully charged cell phone
- Extra batteries and memory cards
- Your camera manual if you're unsure how to change settings. I can help you find the information you need in the manual but most cameras have their own ways of accessing features and changing settings and that makes things a lot easier.

By signing up you agree to the following terms: Please make sure you check the email associated with your Paypal account for confirmation/updates! Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation, an email will follow with further details no less than a week prior to the event. You will need to sign a waiver to participate in this event, a sample of which can be found here. By signing up for this workshop you agree not to use information attained before or during the workshop to illegally trespass or set up alternate workshops/events.

REFUND POLICY: If you are unable to attend an event and notify me at admin@abandonedamerica.org more than 30 days prior to the event, you will be issued a full refund minus a $40 processing fee. Because of the extremely limited tour spots, if it is within 30 days of the event there are NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES except in case of workshop cancellation by Abandoned America. You may give or sell a paid spot in the workshop to someone else if you are unable to attend but admission may not be transferred to another event. There is always a possibility that the workshop may need to be moved to a different date based on severe inclement weather, safety concerns, or site manager's limitations. If this is the case notification will be given immediately and a refund will be offered if attendee is unable to make the alternate date. We cannot be held liable for travel, rental, or other costs incurred by attendee in the event of workshop cancellation. We do make every effort to ensure all events run on schedule. All sales are final.

If you have questions or are thinking about signing up, please read the Workshop FAQ Page! Send me a note at admin@abandonedamerica.org if you need to know anything else. If the PayPal link is immediately below this there are still open spots.

Please check back in 2018 or sign up for email updates for future dates!

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Photo comment By Pat: Love your work!! Always want more; please come to Massachusetts when you can.
Photo comment By Carla: Gotta see this place!
Photo comment By Karen: I so wish I was closer and could do this.
Photo comment By John Davie: Oh, the early days of mass transit.
Photo comment By B. Riegel: Putting this on my Christmas gift list!
Photo comment By Paul Burchett: I love looking at the industrial pictures. They remind me of the era gone by where Americans where defined by their strength and knowledge. No matter what was built then, some form or fashion of elegance was instilled into the place. As I travel Eastern Kentucky, I see old 18th century farmhouses abandoned with foliage growing on them. I always told my wife that every building has a story---a good story of life. One can imagine how new it looked when it was first built and how many family members lived there. Also, one can imagine the memories that was gained at the houses--both good and bad. It's hard for me to see them abandoned and everyday that passes is another day the details of the story fades away. Love the work!!!!!
Photo comment By Billy McGee: Would like more information regarding date(s) for when the next workshop for this tour area would be? Thanks!
Photo comment By Bruce Tolleson: I would love to see more railroad and trolley articles.
Photo comment By Stewart Brodian: I plan to be starting a trolley appreciation page on facebook - please email me to be notified when it's up online.
Photo comment By Robyn: Bummed I missed this, would love to be updated/kept in the loop for any other opportunities to shoot here!
Photo comment By Gary Carlson: I am interested in your workshops, Particularly this one for 2017. Please put me on the list.
Photo comment By John Porche: I am looking forward to seeing what sites (workshops) you will be planning for 2017. Have you release or determined where you will be setting up for 2017?

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