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Good Samaritan Catholic School*

Closed during the midst of a large consolidation movement, Good Samaritan Catholic School is currently being maintained by the parish church, which uses several of the rooms for storage, youth groups, and so on. The church does an excellent job maintaining the structure and it can be difficult to even tell that the building is out of use. Many of the classrooms have been left as they were when Good Samaritan was closed, creating a time capsule of sorts - a tribute to the children who went there and the teachers who worked so hard to educate them, whose last days are now frozen for a time and hidden away where few will ever see.

Please note that the true name of this location has not been disclosed to prevent theft, vandalism, and arson. Abandoned buildings are vulnerable and I do not want my work contributing to their decline. Photographs and unattributed text by Matthew Christopher. For more images click the thumbnails below.